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Note:  I am having the busiest semester of my life.  Not just at home, but at work.  My blog is suffering as a result.  It normally takes me about an hour to write a blog, but I have not had a free hour in quite some time.  Until things change, I plan on writing shorter blogs more often.

So, I worked out last night for the first time in a long time (Have I mentioned I’ve been busy?).  My son started swim lessons at the Y and while he swam, I did the elliptical machine for 40 minutes.  Before my wife got very pregnant I belonged to a weight lifting class.  Well, yesterday, I ran into the teacher of that weight lifting class about to begin her Water Exercise Class at the pool.  I have not seen her for about eight months.

When she saw me, she turned towards me, away from her class standing in the pool awaiting her instruction, her eyes lit up and stretched out her arms as if to say, “Get ready prodigal son, you are coming in for a landing.” and gave me a huge hug.  This event took about 60 seconds, meanwhile her class is just standing in the pool watching us catch up real quick.  The class must have waited five minutes for her to finish greeting me.

Have you ever had someone see you, eyes light up, and want to give you a big ol’ hug?  I am NOT a touchy feely person, but it made my day.  It really did.

This week, let at least one person know that you are very glad to see them and give them a big ol’ hug, or the greatest gesture you are comfortable with (I think a hearty handshake would do, but that is just me).  But emphasize the “Man, am I glad to see you!”  You will make someone’s day.  Guaranteed.


I wish every time I walked into a room there would be theme music.  One of these days I am going to have some one cue up the beginning riff of “Beat It” by Michael Jackson as I walk in to class to give a lecture.  If I could set this up everywhere I went, I would.  And that’s a fact.  I’m just sayin …


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