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So, my oldest son is sick. He has the same thing that my daughter brought home, gave to me, and now him. It started during the halftime of the Super Bowl (Worse Halftime show ever! Madonna looked good though).

Seriously, Madonna, if that was your current voice, you still sound the same. You must be at least 50 now, so you look good and have been keeping it pretty tight, but you no longer can dance. It was sad to watch other men assist you make dance moves. Why do so many have to go out like that? Why not stop when you are on top? I still remember bloated Magic Johnson trying to make it back on the floor. It was just sad. My guess is that the same mentality that makes certain people great, also prevents them from quitting when they should.

Anyway, my son started projectile vomiting during halftime. It was nasty. He is still home, so I am working at home today. The great thing about working at home is that I will get more work done, I am more comfortable, I can still take care of my son, and the best part? No pants.

I have been super busy. And now I must work, but hopefully I will have a nice blog in the near future. Worst Job Ever, The Salmon Incident, and Brett’s Detention are blogs that will be Coming Soon. I’m just sayin …


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