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So, I read the following story in last Sunday’s paper.  Here is an excerpt:

—-In Georgia, Salecia was accused of tearing items off the walls and throwing books and toys in an outburst Friday at Creekside Elementary in Milledgeville, a city of about 18,000, some 90 miles from Atlanta, police said. Authorities said she also threw a small shelf that struck the principal in the leg, and jumped on a paper shredder and tried to break a glass frame.

Police refused to say what set off the tantrum. The school called police, and when an officer tried to calm the child in the principal’s office, she resisted, authorities said. She then was handcuffed and taken away in a patrol car.—–

A big part of the story was focused on the cop’s use of steel handcuffs on this girl.  They cited the handcuffs as standard policy.   Now, I understand carting off a six-year-old girl in handcuffs in a police car may sound revolting to you.  And believe me, it is.  But, you know what I find offensive?  In what world are the police necessary to restrain a 6-year-old girl?  I am sorry if you disagree with me, but I can’t understand what adult can’t deal with a little girl.  Does she have super strength?  Was she hopped up on PCP?  Come on!

Also, I don’t mean to play the race card, OK, I do, but the little girl is black.  I just wonder if the police would have been called on a six-year-old white girl.  If this has ever happened, please send me the link.  Regardless of the girl’s color, I find this story ridiculous.  It is time to bring back the paddle.  To this day, I remember the 2-inch paddle kept in my elementary school’s office.  It was legendary.  It was never used on me, but I remember knowing kids that received The Paddle.  True or just legend, it did the trick.  Of course, there is a limit for everything, and I actually don’t beat my kids, however, I’d take a good spanking over calling the police any day.  I’m just sayin …


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