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So, we are learning a lot this week.  We are learning that we love our kids, but we don’t necessarily love being with our kids.  We are learning that our K-12 teachers are severely underrated.  We are learning that despite the fact that our teenagers spend an enormous amount of time on their phones, and as adults we have accused them of not knowing how to be social; kids are missing their social peers.

I was eating lunch at our school’s cafeteria.  I noticed a round table with six male college students.  All of them were staring at their phones.  For at least 30 minutes, I don’t think a single person looked another in the eye.  As a matter of fact, the few times that hey di engage in “face to face” interaction, it was to show their friend something on the phone.  I could not stop watching this interaction and marvel at what I considered the lack of social interaction.  However, during this time of Covid-19, I would have assumed that this generation would be just fine.  Why wouldn’t they be, they don’t interact with their friends anyway.  Guess what?  They are hurting.  They miss their friends.  I find it shocking.  Students everywhere are longing for the days when they can sit next to someone, not talk, and look at their respective phones together.  If they were five years old, you know what we would call this?  Parallel play (roll credits).

So, part of the crazy young spring breakers is stupidity.  The glorious stupid youth, that most of us in a moment of honesty, would love to have back in our lives.  However, the other side of the coin that I would have you consider is the need for social interaction.  The idea of, let me have this last hurrah before you force me to shelter in place.  I kind of get it.  Don’t get me wrong.  It is the absolutely wrong thing to do in this unprecedent time.  But ye who have never wanted to do the absolutely wrong thing at he absolutely wrong time, throw the first shot (tequila shot that is).

So, if you are reading this blog and are under Covid-19 house arrest, remember, this too shall pass.  Enjoy your family.  If you are alone, Facetime someone.  Use all of that technology for good.  And here are my current Netflix recommendations:

  1.  Lost in Space – My kids and I love this series.  I would say it is OK for kids 9 and up.  Second season is a little more serious, so you might want to only consider season one for the younger crowd. Image result for voltron netflix
  2. Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts – Good post apocalyptic animation.  Perfect for these times.  I liked it more than my 9 year old daughter, but she liked it as well.  It might take an episode or two to get hooked.
  3. All Hail King Julien – Hilarious.  Season 1 and 2 will have adults and kids cracking up.  It starts to go down hill after season 3.
  4. 100 Humans – This is an acquired taste.  I have no idea if you will like this show, but I loved it.
  5. Voltron – You might be surprised by this one, but I loved it as a kid and I love the Netflix version.  My 9-year-old watched the entire series and I am trying to catch up.




Anyway, I hope you are surviving this social distancing.  Get outside if you can.  Enjoy your time with your kids, if you can.  Find ways to make it fun.  Until next time, wash your hands, keep your distance, don’t hoard, and positive attitude.

As I write this, we are parallel working.  Daughter next to me on laptop.  Nephew on desktop in family room.  Youngest son in room on Chromebook.  Oldest son in his room on his laptop.  What kind of generation will this time create?  Think about it.  With everyone stuck in their houses with the families, it will either create stronger family bonds or weaker ones.  Increased divorce rate?  Increased birth rate?  Time will tell.  I’m just sayin’ …


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