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So, this week McDonald’s has brought back the McRib. Now for those of my readers that actually know me, you know that I can throw down some barbecue. People have raved about my homemade BBQ sauce and I have even barbecued for a wedding. There is a camp in California (Calvin Crest) where the program coordinator has been trying to perfect my sauce for the last 12 years. My mom, who is an expert, although would never admit it, is starting to use my techniques in her Q. She won’t admit it, but that is a fact.

Which brings me to the point of this blog. The McRib is back. The sauce is lacking, it has a tangyness that is weak, the pickles and onions are lackluster at best and the bun can be a tad pit rubbery, and I LOVE IT!

Maybe because it is hyped up, or maybe because it is offered for a limited time only, or maybe because it is laced with cocaine, I don’t know, but I get excited every year for it. Why? I don’t know. It is NOT quality food. For many of you, it is the Shamrock shake, also offered for limited time only, but people go crazy over that shake. It is the exact same shake as the rest of them, but with mint flavor and green food coloring. I don’t get it. I am confident that McDonald’s has a deal with the devil, an employed shaman, or crack dealers that add tiny bits of cocaine to their food items. The latter would at least explain how kids get hooked on the stuff and why I get excited over the McRib. Nonetheless, I will be getting another one today. Who’s with me?


I wonder if limited time only is everything.  I love turkey.  Do you love turkey?  If you don’t it might mean that the person who is cooking it for you makes it dry.  I don’t like dry turkey, but good juicy turkey is the best.  After Thanksgiving, who doesn’t eat turkey everyday for at least a week.  However, the year after Thanksgiving, who eats turkey? No one. Turkey needs a new agent, or maybe it has the same agent as the McRib where Limited Time Only is everything.  I’m just sayin …


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