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So, I have been gone on vacation.  Sorry for the delay in blogs.  I was planning on writing about the ‘birthers movement’ (probably the next blog) and how I think it is racist, but I am struck by the news of the death of Bin Laden.  This may be politically incorrect, but I am finding it difficult to celebrate the death of a human being.

I am not insensitive, and I hope that this latest event provides closure for those affected first hand by 9-11, but I am not exactly sure what benefit comes from celebration of death.  I would have preferred him captured, but regardless, I hope that his removal from any sort of power position will have a positive impact on terrorism both in the US and in other countries.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a strong belief that this will be the case.  I hate terrorism, I really do, but to chant USA USA USA at a baseball game when you hear the news of his death boggles my mind.

Am I happy is gone? Yes.  However, it worries me that we have become a society that rejoices death, even if that death is of an enemy.  As human beings, haven’t we evolved beyond the celebration of human loss, or am I naive?  Maybe I am just a liberal tree-hugging peace lover, or maybe I just believe that killing, in extreme cases, however necessary, should never be celebrated.


If you are single and without kids and you are willing to go in public places, like shopping, in sweats; is there a more obvious sign of ‘I give up’?  I’m not talking about cute, top and bottom coordinated track suits.  I am talking, sloppy, stained, saggy, non-flattering, I just ate a gallon of ice cream sitting on my couch watching Oprah and I am shopping for more ice cream, I give up sweats.  I’m just sayin …

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