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So, I am sick and tired of bumper stickers.  At minimum they make me smile, and at worse they make me angry.  I especially hate political bumper stickers.  Why do people have these?  I don’t care that you are a Republican.  I don’t care that you believe in peace.  And why, for all that is Holy, do I need to know about your dog? Or kids?

I would love to have a bumper sticker that protests bumper stickers, but it would go against my hatred of bumper stickers.  I would love a voice recognition electronic message board on the back of my window.  Now that I would support.  Honking is too ambiguous, and giving someone the finger is just too aggressive and rude.  But what about a message board that flashed “Hey Ford Escort! If you are going to ride my ass, how about you buy me dinner first!”  Informative, with a little humor, I like it.


Actually I do support bumper stickers that show pride in one’s kids, but that is for the kids, and not the general public.  Unless it is a bumper sticker that states, “My kid beat up your honor roll kid”, and then it’s just another political statement, which I’m against.  I’m just sayin …

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