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So, I just don’t have the time to blog.  It sucks.  I am working too much.  I don’t want to quit my job, but I do want more money for doing less.  Is that so wrong?  When I do have time, I try to fill that time with golf.  I am on a quest to break 80.  Anyhoo, I don’t think I will be able to give my blog the time I think it deserves until the end of the semester, or at least until I stop caring about the quality of my work.  So, I must keep my blogs brief.  Hence, the first installment of Blog Shorts.

If the kids are under control, and my wife has the energy to complete their long, arduous journey towards getting out of the house, I leave early.  I carpool, so leaving early means I get an hour of work done before I meet my carpool partner.  This is great because it allows me to show up to class prepared (You might be asking, what happens when I can’t leave early? Smoke and mirrors … smoke and mirrors.)

Usually I take advantage of the wi-fi at Starbucks.  I order a tall half-caf.  I used to order a full caf, but it would kill me.  What does Starbucks put in their coffee?  Crack?  No other place impacts me so.  I have never been able to finish a tall Starbucks coffee.  How do people do it? Anyhoo,  I set up my laptop and get to work.

This morning, the barista asked me if I was going to get some work done today as she gets my half-caf.  I think to myself, “Crap, I am being noticed.  This is the second time this person has tried to chat me up.  The next time, she might actually consider me a regular and want to ask me about my day.  What’s next?  Me knowing something about her?”

Too bad.  I liked this Starbucks.  I will miss it.  Starbucks, you are now dead to me.  RIP Starbucks… RIP.


Even my blog shorts are not that short.  I’m just sayin’ …

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