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My apologies, the following post may have some redeeming value:

Have you ever said to someone “Let’s agree to disagree”?  Have you ever been satisfied by this statement?  The problem is that most people do NOT agree to disagree.  When someone says, “Let’s agree to disagree”, what they are really saying is “May we NEVER speak of this again.”  Think about it; take a moment to evaluate your close relationships, the people you actually care about.  How many of your true friends can you say you have fundamental disagreements?

Go ahead.  How many?  I’ll wait…

If you can name at least one friend, consider yourself lucky.  Yes, I said lucky.  A friend that cares about you and has contrary views on life will only serve to strengthen your beliefs.  And if they change some of your beliefs, then they needed to be changed.

I just finished reading an email from my friend Mark.  I know Mark from church.  I go to a great church.  My family and I are very happy, but my intention is not talk to you about religion.  If that is what you want, I would suggest a different blog.  My point is that Mark and I have had an ongoing political discussion ever since Obama was elected president.  Our views are very, very different.  I am not going to discuss what our views are and how they differ, but I will tell you that I LOVE discussing opposing views with someone who is thoughtful, intelligent and non-judgmental.  Granted, I think Mark is wrong on most points he makes, and I probably disagree with some points that I actually don’t disagree with just to make him mad, but I definitely consider him a friend and do NOT shy away from hanging with him or talking to him on just about any subject.  Oh yea, Mark is the pastor of the church.  Neat huh?

So, what prevents you from being friends with someone with opposing views?  Are you afraid that they will convince you that you are wrong?  Does Health Care really offend you?  Does life only make sense when you are surrounded by people that agree with you?  Let me leave you with one of the greatest statements ever told to me, by my friend Dave from graduate school.  I am going to capitalize it for emphasis, cause I love it that much:


Think about it.  Are you open minded?  Or just to the people that think like you?

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Why do restaurants like Dennys and Perkins still exist?  Who is keeping these restaurants in business?  I get McDonald’s.  It’s fast and super cheap.  But why choose to sit, wait and most likely tip a waiter/waitress for crappy food?  And if you think Dennys and/or Perkins are good eats, consider yourself banned from my blog for at least a month.  I’m just sayin…

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Welcome to my first Blog site.  I started out publishing notes on Facebook, and my sister convinced me to start a blog.  So, why am I blogging.  First of all I think I have interesting things to say.  You may disagree, but I don’t really care.  Which brings us to the second reason I am blogging.  I enjoy reading my own thoughts.  So, even if no one ever reads this blog, I plan on enjoying it, and if you do too, bonus buy.

Will this be a site where family and friends can catch up with the comings and goings of my family?  Sometimes, but most of the time I will be writing about random thoughts I have.  For example, why Karate Kid 2010 was not necessary and explaining point by point how it is inferior to the original in almost every way (details for a later blog).

Will you be a better person by being a regular reader of my blog?  Highly unlikely.  Will we solve political and philosophical issues?  I certainly hope not.  This blog is for sheer entertainment value.  I plan to post every Saturday night with random posting when I feel like it.  So, what should my first post be about?  How about the name, “Since Junior High”.

So, several years ago some friends and I spent several hours playing video games at Gameworks in downtown Seattle.  It was a lot of fun.  After we were done with joystick heaven, I proclaimed to my buddies “My wrist hasn’t been this sore since junior high.”  This line has been quoted ever since, and has been officially entered into the Witty Line Hall of Fame.  If all goes well, by reading this blog, you will be exposed to such high quality comedy.  It’s gold!  Gold, Jerry!

Now for my first random thought:

Is it really THAT difficult to put a shopping cart back?  Seriously, have you ever been so far away from a shopping cart stall and said to your self, “I’m beat after walking through that store.  I just can’t walk this empty cart with wheels the 20 feet necessary to put it out of harms way.”  Really?  If this is you, your car deserves to be the target of shopping cart derby.  I’m just sayin…

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