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LeBron James

I follow sports. I listen to sports talk radio literally hours a day. I have followed the media on LeBron James quite closely. I just listened to the Cav’s owner call LeBron’s decision cowardly. Really? People need to grow up. Was it Lebron’s “duty” to die a Cavalier? The Cav owner also said he was not being a good example for kids. So what should his example be? Should a lesson to our kids be “Don’t make decisions that are best for you and your family when other people say, don’t do it cause it will affect me negatively.” Ridiculous! Is this hard for Cleveland? Yes, but they will survive.

Agree or disagree, LeBron is just a man, who plays a game, who has every right to play wherever he wants to play. It is officially time for people’s lives to not be so depended on the actions of other people. Love God, Love People, and don’t worry so much about what other people do. Live YOUR life and live it great.

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