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The Tat is Back!

So, it is Saturday night and I am providing a post as promised in my first post. I thought this would be a weekly blog, but I am finding that I have more to say than I originally thought. I have created a digital blog notebook to record the ideas that pop into my head. I don’t think I will have writer’s block for some time.

Anyway, the time for a new blog is upon us. I’m at the Wisconsin Dells right now with my mom, nephew, cousin and her two grandsons, brother and his son, and my two sons. Nope, my wife is not here, she is relaxing in the cool silence of an empty house right now. I am sure she is loving it, as I am experiencing a weekend of water slides and pure chaos. However, the trip has inspired this week’s blog.

When did tattoos become the norm? For two days I have been surrounded by bathing suits and tats. Tats on the ankle, leg, chest (both men and women), neck, shoulders, and the ever popular tramp stamp. It is at a point now where it is rare to see someone without a tramp. I actually want a tattoo. I still have not gotten one, but one day. What do I want? A tattoo on my left shoulder of Dumbo. Yes, Dumbo, but I digress.

The real fascinating thing to me is that women seem to be more likely to have a tattoo than men. When did this happen? If you are reading this blog, and you are a woman, I bet you have a tat. Why do you have a tat? I would actually like to know? Am I against women having tattoos, of course not. The only exception is the tattoo on the breast. Why mess up a perfectly excellent God creation? It is like putting your kid’s preschool picture on the Mona Lisa, totally not necessary for my viewing pleasure. Anyhoo, I do not think tattoos are a male or female issue, I am just curious when did the tide turn. When did it become acceptable for not only everyone to have a tattoo, but for it to be seemingly more popular in the female population. Regardless, the tat is back. And one day I will have one too.

Share your tat stories, I want to know!

My nephew is next to me on a computer looking at himself bare-chested and we are surrounded by people ordering ice cream and desserts.  My nephew wants to be a model.  The funny thing to me is that he finds this scene of surrounded by Wisconsin Dells tourists and his pictures of him without a shirt on the computer completely normal.  Looks like he is on his way to be a model already.  A kid just walked by and asked if that was him.  He said yes.  The kid said, “cool.”  What’s up with that? I’m just sayin…


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