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I walked into a store and I saw a couple and their very cute daughter.  The daughter could not have been more than two.  As I walked in the door, she said “Hi.”  I waved and gave her a smile.  The family of three were sitting at a table eating lunch.  While I walked around the store, I noticed, that every so often, the little girl would see something that caught her eye and wander off a little.  The mom, would run over, yank at her and yell “Will you STOP that and SIT DOWN!”  This happened more than once.

This event reminded me of eating lunch in Milwaukee with my friend Corey a few weeks ago.  Next to us was a mother and her child.  The child was a little squirrely.  The mom proclaimed, loud enough for Corey to hear, “and that is why I hate eating out with you.”  The little girls looked about a year and a half.

I often wonder why these people had kids in the first place.  Did they not remember what it was like to be a kid?  Did they think their life was going to be exactly the same, but with a little boy or girl to play dress up with?  While visiting with my family, my nephew stated that he never wanted to have kids.  He has seen the lives of his brother and others and how kids have effected their lives and these observations have led him to the conclusion that kids are not for him.  Good for him!  But here is the problem.  The families that I so often see, especially the ones yelling at their kids as if they ruined their lives, probably thought the exact same thing.

So, as I told my nephew, and I wish I could tell the world, if you don’t want to have kids, or you think your lifestyle is so important that you would never want to see it changed, then live your life accordingly.  If you don’t want kids, live your life according to this desire?  Confused?  My nephew was too?  Yes, you guessed it, this is a sex talk.

There is no guarantee that if you have sex you won’t have a kid.  I actually know people with kids because of a broken condom, a missed pill, a little too much to drink, or it just being late at night and they were in the mood.  It happens.  Am I preaching abstinence?  Maybe, but it really depends on the situation that you are in.  Bottom line, if you are not prepared to do the time, then don’t do the crime.  And if you think abortion is a viable , trust me, no one feels good after an abortion, NO ONE.  You can’t unring that bell.  So, be smart and live your life according to the desires you wish to come true.  Because at the end of the day, these kids deserve better.


The truth of the matter is this, if I quit my job and devoted most of my time to golf, I truly believe I could make money on the PGA tour.  How sick am I?  I’m just sayin…

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